It's that time of year again.....The 24th Annual Indian River Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in their school science fairs.  Some of these students have earned a spot in the 24th Annual Indian River Regional Science and Engineering Fair which will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at Gifford Middle School.

Thank you Runner's Depot

Thank you Runner's Depot for selecting the Education Foundation to be the beneficiary of this year's Resolution Run 5k held on New Year's Day.  What a beautiful morning for a run.  A special thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make the morning a success.

Family Philanthropy Benefits the Education Foundation

The Education Foundation of Indian River County is so grateful for the generosity of our donors.  We are always truly touched by those who believe in what we do and chose to support our efforts.  One recent donation makes our efforts even more meaningful.
Bob and Maureen Bauchman are longtime residents of Indian River County and the proud parents of five adult sons.  A number of years ago they wanted to find a different way to celebrate the holidays with their family. Rather than simply purchase gifts or give money to their boys, they wanted to promote some philanthropic spirit in their sons.  Each individually selected a charity of their choice and a donation was made by their parents in their names.  Because this gift giving experiment worked so well, the Bauchmans decided to take the boys philanthropy to the next level for Christmas of 2014. 
Bob Bauchman described the proposal to us in a recent letter.  “We asked all five boys to choose one charitable organization that would be the recipient of a contribution in their names.  Based on the fact that all five live in different parts of the country, this required a certain amount of cooperation in order to arrive at a decision.  While we provided them with a list of organizations in Indian River County that we considered to be worthwhile beneficiaries, the ultimate choice of recipient was made by them.”
The Bauchmans explained that the selection of the Education Foundation by their sons was based on their belief that education has played a significant role in each of their career choices and ultimate success. “They also expressed an appreciation for the sacrifices that so many education professionals have made on their behalf and hope that this donation will contribute in some meaningful way to an enhancement of educational opportunities for other students in Indian River County.”
In an email to their parents, each of the boys gave a brief explanation of their choice of the Education Foundation for funding.  Although the specifics may have differed between them, there was a common theme.  “We have all agreed on donating to The Education Foundation of IRC. There were many worthy organizations and groups from which to choose from, however, we determined that the need for providing for children's future education in the community ultimately was what we are committed to developing.”
The closing paragraph of the email to their parents shows us just how wonderful these young men are.  “We want to thank you both for providing us with a moment to step back, reflect, and come to the conclusion that emphasizes community involvement, growth, and connection. We hope this contribution to the Education Foundation assists with improving and facilitating the overall education of youth in our community.”
On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Education Foundation, thank you Robert, Christopher, Alexander, Stephen and Oliver for believing in what we do. 
Thank you Bob and Maureen Bauchman for reminding all of us that philanthropy does begin at home.

What We Do and How it Works

Making a Difference in the Life of a Child.....Today and Always
Pencils and notebooks to succeed in the classroom - shoes and socks to participate in all school activities - new digital content to open exciting worlds - scientific competition to inspire curiosity and critical thinking - teacher grants to engage learning - school grants to provide technology - financial opportunities to achieve higher education - endless possibilities with unlimited benefits for all students.
The Education Foundation of Indian River County (EF-IRC) operates both as a funding source and as a service provider for the school community.
We work with tthe school system to develop, evaluate and secure funding for new, innovative projects, generated both by the system itself and by community organizations.
In addition, we seek to support the students' opportunities to achieve school success and to develop the skills needed to meet the challenges of higher education and the pursuit of vocational interests.
We need your help to make education the foundation of our community.  Ninety percent of our funding comes from private donations and grants.  This structure enables the EF-IRC to respond quickly by designating funding directly into the classroom, thus avoiding the delays that often come with restricted dollars.  Your financial gift great or small will make a difference to students and teachers.
Thank you for visiting our website.  We invite you to learn more about us and how you can become involved.


Make a Difference in the Life of a Child Today

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