qIs the Education Foundation of Indian River County (EFIRC) an independent non-profit?

aYes, the EFIRC operates completely separately from, but functions as a partner with, the School District of Indian River County. This unique structure allows for organizational independent fund raising and independent support where students and teachers have the greatest need. As an independent non-profit the EFIRC has its own Board of Directors, committees and fundraising activities.

qAre there education foundations in other part of the State of Florida?

aYes, each county in the State of Florida has an organization that serves as the Education Foundation for their local school district. However, the EFIRC is one of the few that are an independent non-profit. In addition, 65 of the 67 Florida counties are members of the state-wide organization called the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF). Members of CFEF serve 99% of the 2.8 million students K-12. In addition, members of the CFEF raise more than $64 million annually for public education.

qWhy does the School District of Indian River County (SDIRC) need a local education foundation to be successful?

aThe EFIRC serves as the liaison between private sector educational investments and allows the community direct involvement in quality education.

qDoes the EFIRC and the SDIRC have a Memorandum of Understanding that provides guidelines for the on-going relationship?

aYes, this document defines how the EFIRC is the strategic non-profit partner of the SDIRC and serves as an intermediary organization of the SDIRC to provide private funds for quality educational projects included in the SDIRC’s strategic plan. The organizations share the key goal of “every child college and/or career ready.”

qDoes the SDIRC provide any financial support for the EFIRC?


qHow is the EFIRC funded?

aThe majority of funding is from private donations, events and grants.

qWhat does the EFIRC fund?

aSuggested projects must fall into one of the priority categories: meeting individual student needs, classroom innovation for maximizing learning results and the professional development of teachers.

qHow does the EFIRC decide what to fund?

aThe EFIRC board members and staff meet quarterly with the Superintendent of Schools and the SDRIC Leadership Teams to discuss a prioritized needs and goals. The EFIRC then works to provide programs and funds to meet the needs and goals that are not funded through traditional sources. The annual focus is on supporting the strategic goals of the school district.

qWhat are some examples of the EFIRC’s impact?

aLearn more by clicking on this link: Our Work & Impact

qCan anyone volunteer to support the EFIRC?

aWe are always looking for great volunteers to support our mission in a variety of ways. To learn more click on this link: Making It Happen – Volunteer

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