What are High Impact Grants?

A process to fund innovative school or classroom solutions that advance student achievement. Each Fall school principals and teachers are encouraged to submit a “Letter of Idea” outlining what you would like to accomplish. Proposals address one of the following four areas with a focus on increasing student achievement: School Cultural
Climate (social and emotional supports), Science (K-12th), Math (6th – 12th), and Literacy (K-12th). Selected schools/classrooms are invited to present to a panel of Education Foundation Board Members.

Who are the benefactors?
Matching funds from the School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program: https://educationfoundationsfl.org/matching-grant-program
Additional projects are funded through the License for Learning Tag revenues:

Who are the participants?

Indian River County Public Schools (Pre-K through 12th grades) are invited to participate to submit a 6-month grant for funding up to $10,000 (minimum of $45,000 to be awarded).

How does the Ed Foundation participate?
We raise the funds, facilitate the process, award the grants, and provide oversight.

What other groups or organization are involved?
No other non-profit in Indian River County provides this opportunity to our schools.

When does it happen?
Interested schools submit a “Letter of Idea” that includes the following information:

A “Letter of Idea” must detail the following information: No more than two pages using 11-point font.

  • Name of Project
  • Additional Information about the Project
  •  Amount Requested
  • Total Project Cost
  • Targeted Population
  • Number of children to be served and grade level(s
  • Succinct Summary – The Issue, the change, and the action:
    The Issue: What challenge or opportunity will this grant help your school address?
    The Change: What change do you intend to see as a result of this grant?
    The Action: What strategic activities will be included in this grant (what are the steps)
  • Grant Oversight: Who will be responsible for the project? Who provides the oversight? Who will insure that the project is sustainable?
  • Monitoring Progress and Results: How will progress and results will be monitored and reported?
  • Itemized Budget: Provide a line by line, itemized budget of all items needed for the project, including cost

Why is the Ed Foundation involved?
This program aligns with our mission to fund programs that prepare students for success. Providing the start-up money to test or explore an innovative concept is good business. Often, schools will not use tax or traditional funding sources to launch new solutions that have the potential to become evidenced based practices. It is through this entrepreneurial effort, that we encourage educators, to imagine solutions, without boundaries, to provide the greatest, measurable and sustainable outcomes for our students.

What is the goal?
To fund innovative solutions that will become self-sustaining initiatives that become best practices to support student achievement.

Are there volunteers?
Not at this time. It is a goal of ours to find ways to involve volunteers.

What is the Ed Foundations investment in dollars?
$30,000 – $60,000 based on the legislative year and the match to those funds.

What is the Ed Foundations investment in human and other resources?
Board and staff time.

How is the performance to goal measured?
All projects involve pre and post-test measurements. Each grant has measurable outcomes, designed by teachers, which demonstrate how student achievement was impacted through the investment of these funds.

What are the foundations expectations and projections for the future?
We hope to grow this program with additional matching grant dollars.

How is the program funded?
Dollar for dollar matching grant program through the School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program and revenue through the License for Learning tag revenue.


Laica Gerwien-Moreta

Laica Gerwien-Moreta is a government contracting consultant with proven experience in the Information Technology, Aviation, Aerospace, and Health Industries. Laica previously held leadership roles within various defense contractors supporting domestic and international operations as well as medical management solutions and humanitarian programs.

Laica has also served as an Empowered Official overseeing all International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) related activities and responsible for the strategic alignment of resources and staffing in support of global supply chain. Laica holds a bachelor’s degree in technical management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and professional certification in government contracting from The George Washington University, School of Business.

She is a certified contract manager (GWCCM), member of the National Contract Management Association Space Coast Chapter, and regularly participates in professional development training.