What is Vision for Reading? 
“Vision for Reading” addresses a critical problem in our schools. Experts estimate that vision problems are prevalent in 25% of all school children in the United States.  Most of us assume schools are addressing the vision problems of children by performing vision screenings.  However, traditional screening methods fail to identify 60-90% of vision problems in young children.  Research has shown that, of children in the 7 to 15 years old age group, only 10% of the children who needed glasses actually had them.  The National Parent Teacher Association estimates that more that 10 million children in this country suffer from vision problems that may contribute to poor academic performance.  The Education Foundation realized that many children who struggled with reading were unable to properly see.

The screenings are made possible through the generosity of the John’s Island Foundation, whose $25,000 grant enabled the Education Foundation to purchase the PediaVision screeners.    Grand Harbor Community Outreach provides annual funding to provide follow-up visits with a local provider for children whose needs cannot be met through existing programs.

Who are the benefactors?
The John’s Island Foundation provided the capital for the equipment. Grand Harbor Community Outreach and private donations provide the annual funding for this program.

How does the Ed Foundation participate? 
We collaborate with the Student Services Office of the School District of Indian River County to assist in the identification of children in need and connecting them with a local provider.

What other groups or organization are involved?
No other group serves the public school system in this manner.

When does it happen?
Students are identified by the Health Services Coordinator, School District of Indian River County, in partnership, with each school’s health assistant. Once permission from the parent/guardian is granted, an appointment is scheduled and transportation is provided (if necessary). This process takes place throughout the school year and during summer sessions too.

Why is the Ed Foundation involved?
It is an unmet need that is essentials to our mission of ensuring students receive program services to prepare them for academic success.

What is the goal?
Keeping children on a path of learning with vision.

Are there volunteers? 
Not at this time. 

What is the Ed Foundations investment in dollars?
$5,000 annually

What is the Ed Foundations investment in human and other resources?
$2,000 in program implementation annually.

How is the performance to goal measured? 
Enabling students to gain the gift of site is a “no brainer” to ensuring academic success of a child.  It is essential that children be able to see the board or the page of a book to achieve their goals.

Why would a donor choose to support this program?
The simple gift of sight provides a lifetime of academic success.