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 Education Foundation of Indian River County

 Awards $30,000 to Osceola Magnet School for “Mission Smart Science”

February 2014 The Education Foundation of Indian River County (EF-IRC) received a $5,000 grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation to support the students at Osceola Magnet.  This grant, combined with $25,000 in matching funds from the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF) will be used for the “Mission Smart Science” Program for the students. 

The goal of the Osceola Magnet School’s “Mission Smart Science” program is to create classrooms of today with the most up-to-date technology that will impact science instruction and enhance the student achievement in the area of science.   Osceola Magnet School will launch a new program we will call “Mission: Smart Science”.  This program will include integrating new advanced online supplementary science curriculum for kindergarten through 5th grade students with their existing programs. This new program will use SMART Board technology to enhance classroom learning.

Research is clear that the use of this type of technology in the classroom will help to increase the level of student engagement. This technology, if used with engaging, rigorous science investigations, can excite students of all ages who are ready for something more interactive than just the lecture approach. These lessons can be used with SMART board technology and will accommodate different types of student learning: visual learners respond well to the visual projection elements, while tactile learners benefit from the actual interaction with the SMART board.

STEAM Day at Osceola Magnet

Grant Update - Osceola Magnet School - November 2014

Project Summary:

The purpose of the project was to allow classrooms to have access to an interactive white board so that teachers could better deliver engaging lessons to students. The EduSmart on-line software (purchased to go along with this project) will supplement our science program (the STEM in particular).  Teachers will be able to access these resources using their “interactive smart boards. “  As a result of more engaging lessons, students will internalize concepts and will have a greater interest in learning about science. This will translate into higher mastery and achievement levels as evidenced by classroom assessments grades K-5,  as well as district benchmark test scores (3-5, ) as well as state science test for 5th grade students. 
What were your goals and objectives for this project?
Our goal for the project was to: 
1. Increase the number of STEM units being taught at our school
2. Increase the student achievement level in the area of science 
What is the update?

1. Smart boards have been delivered and installed in all classrooms as of August 2014.
2. The Edu-Smart software platform has been purchased and all teachers were trained to use the software with the Smart-boards on Oct. 17, 2014. 
3. FCAT 5th grade science scores for 2013-14 reflect substantial student growth in science in three of the four tested areas when compared to the previous 5th grade students.  

5th Grade Science FCAT comparing 2012/13 to 2013/14

  • Students improved in proficiency or above by 20% in the Nature of Science. They decreased in the below deficiancy category by 9%
  • Students improved in the area of physical science increasing proficiency by 44% and reducing the below proficency level by 26%.
  • Students improved proficiancy in the area of life science by 11% and decreased the below proficiency level by 19%

Students outperformed the previous 5th grade class in all areas except earth and space.





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